July 10, 2008 3:14 PM PDT

Shazam on iPhone could change music discovery

Shazam has been around for a few years now--CNET U.K. took note of the service back in 2006--but with today's launch of Apple's App Store, it could become a whole lot more popular. It has the potential to change how people discover and buy music.

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"for example, once you have a shazam account, if you're at a club and you want to know what song is playing: dial 2580 and hold up your phone towards the music being played (with the free shazam application already installed on your phone). shazam then checks against it's library of 5 million tracks. if it finds a match, it sends a text to your phone with the information. if on the off chance, it doesn't find a match, there's no charge." -fluxlife

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darius said...

wow, that's an amazing service! Wonder how good it works with minimal german techno... Guess we will have to wait and see

fluxlife said...

hey darius!, have you tested shazam on the: "minimal german techno?" let me know!

thanks for your comments!