which one?

when it comes to choosing the right technique, way, or path to follow in life, spirituality, realtionship, or business for example; any path well developed/lived and well communicated/taught by another is a potentially good guide for one to follow. so to answer the question up front, all the well developed ones are all good. i've found many different ways to look at the road to success, no matter which one i pick, they all lead to success given they've been lived and presented well by another. "all roads lead to Rome." a good book on your subject of inerest is a good place to look. the effort to ensure value and accuracy of the information presented throughout the writing and publishing process of a well written and well presented book is not to be underestimated. finding a mentor who you work well with can also be extremely helpful. in zen it is practically required.

the key is to get an initial feel or gut instinct about it. if the initial feel or gut instinct is good or better, try it out. it is not so much the subject matter, that matters (hee, hee); it is the way it is presented. in other words it's not so important as to what information is presented that creates significance for the individual as compared to how the information is presented that creates true and lasting significance for the individual. i feel that each individual has a way that information is best encoded for them. when you find a subject that interests you and it is also encoded for you, then bam!, you're plowin' right through it. as my brother relayed to me once: he had read various books on the power of being in the moment. but, until he read The Power of Now by Eckhardt Tolle, it didn't stick. the way it was presented made the difference. in fact, it not only stuck, but my brother enjoyed the book more than other books on the subject. this is the beginning of how a bonafide guru or an expert creates themselves. it's interesting how one looks up to the "experts", "gurus", or "authorities" on a given topic. why? because they do not possess any more skills than you or i. the difference is that they kept trying things out until something stuck, and further that they did not give up until that something stuck. the willingness to make mistakes gracefully (or ungracefully) and to let the journey be an experiment are the other pieces of the puzzle. the final step is to put your experience out there in the world to share with others. in case you not only want to truly know and feel that you are and expert for yourself (which is most important), but would also like other individuals/group(s) to validate this, author Timothy Ferris in his book The 4-Hour Workweek has some great advice (pg's 159-160).

finally, just try many things and know that you are on your journey to finding right livelihood or pursuit by doing so. it's not that nothing will stick for you, it's just that you haven't found it yet. don't worry, you will find it. it will come. :)

good luck in your journey, and never give up!

learn to ask to help from others if you need it!


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