what does it mean to be alive?


today, what does it mean to be alive ( it was a statement in my mind before it became a question, yet phrased as a question)? why do i have this perspective right now? because i just lived through the most heinous sickness. during which, i promised the universe and myself, that whenever i got better, i would take to my life with a renewed zest. that i would really dig in as needed; to be, do, and have exactly what i need, want, and desire.

okay, what does it mean to be alive?:

it means living free and not being crippled by anger, fear or depression. i have heard in casual conversation with a therapist that depression is anger turned inwards.

to be alive means to me today to live my life with zest and not being judgmental against the self. being judgmental against yourself is harmful. it leads to an overly amplified negative sense of self. left unchecked, this type of negativity can undermine almost everything you do.
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