"In shallow minds the little fishes of thought cause much commotion. In the oceanic waters of deeper minds, the whales of inspiration barely cause a ripple."

-author has not been revealed or is unknown

"Action without love is meaningless. Love without action is irrelevant. Love is not a sentiment or an emotion. It is the ultimate truth at the heart of creation..."


' a poet must write poetry, a writer must write, a baker must bake..., for them to be at peace with themselves. '

-author of quote related to paraphrase has not yet been located

' if you can become conscious of your unconscious, you will have a good degree of control. if not, you will call the results of your powerful unconscious: "fate." '
-rough paraphrase of Jung's statement

these quotes and paraphrases originated on a bulletin board/white board at the bikram studio at mission yoga in san francisco. pretty suhweeet!
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