behavior patterns (metaphor)

being agile in your behavior/action patterns

the following was paraphrased from a bikram teacher's instructions to me related to working with a temporary physical disability after a bikram class at: mission yoga .

"just because you start (doing one thing), while pushing against your edge; doesn't mean that you have to (persist in it). you can back off a little, if you need to."

comment on above paraphrase: so the flexibility here is being able to realize that you can change the intensity (depth), and the degree of difficulty on the next move if you have to. just because you went this far this time doesn't mean you have to go as far next time. change intensity, and degree of difficulty as needed. don't feel committed just because you did your posture a certain way a moment ago. when you repeat the posture (or part(s) of your body involved in the posture), you don't have to persist in the same way you did previously. just adjust it to what you need it to be in the moment regardless of what you just did or have done recently.

"you're not going to be the same everyday. you'll have to pay attention each time. some days you'll be able to push it a little farther. some days you won't."

my thought1: "utilizing your body to connect with itself and the universe in the present moment, by paying attention to your breathing, body positioning, tension and pain (or lack thereof), sensations, mental/emotional state(s), tiredness/restedness, etc. is the point. if you can observe yourself without judgment in full awareness and then take action in accordance with what you feel and see in your body based in what is versus what is not, that is the point. this is the primary reason we were given the mindbody, it is a directly accessible and initially finite instrument with which to connect with all things and all beings as well as the infinite, with compassion and deep love."

my thought2: "it seems clear to me that there are 3 unifying spiritual practices across all practices: 1. breath is the center of all practice, 2. being within the present moment is the key access point for all thought and action, 3. asking a key question over and over again and marvelling at all the different answers is the way to honor and celebrate (sometimes to just accept vs. celebrate) the mysteries and relationships of life; and as well, that life is one of the greatest mysteries and marvels itself."

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