be your own boss

"be your own boss" or "be a man about it." i started thinking about all the people and situations i have to confront, and this phrase made me feel like "the man." i'm the man, therefore i will be assertive to my needs and straight to the point without being rude. be a man, be your own man... be your own boss.

even if you're a woman, i recommend that when you need to confront someone, "be a man about it." get what you need done confidently, politely, and assertively. know the direction you want to head with a given topic ahead of time. script the discussion ahead of time if you have to, write down what you'll say and the other person's responses as well. practice the script out loud with another person. know and really feel down to your bones the direction this needs to go in order for you to get what you need, want, or desire. i guaranatee you'll start feeling better. then, try it out on the real person. you never know until you try. who knows?, maybe you'll hit a home run your first time?

if you're being a man about whatever topic (and you're polite yet assertive), you're more likely to get your needs, wants, and desires taken care of. in the off chance that you don't get taken care of, evaluate your position again adding the data you got from the discussion. if you can make a better case and enroll them to help you given how yours and their personalities work together and how the discussion went, you'll get some help or all the help. if not, you may need to try a different helper.

remember, you're the man! you don't have to worry about confronting others when it is needed. you just plan ahead to increase your chances of successfully enrolling a helper to help you get what you need, want, and desire. anyone whom you are enrolling to help you is a helper no matter what level of a hierarchy they may occupy. why? because "you're the man!", that's why!

now go out there and: "be a man about it!" "man up!"

each time you try to the best of your ability, you build on your success because success feeds on itself!

go out and get yourself a coffee/tea or a tasty little snack. get pumped up!
you're the man! say it with me: "i'm the man!" that's right: "i'm the man!" "no, you're the man!"

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