it's Monday, what's your gripe?

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one of the fluxlife fans likes the above image, so i brought it back from a previous Monday. all in all, i think the: "Hi!, I'm the bleeding with knives in me guy!" is having a worse Monday than i will (this time) ... and here we are at the 6th installment of the Monday gripe. "tempus fugit", or "time flies" as my Latin teacher Mr. Kenney used to say. as has been my practice lately, this is a scheduled post, so it's not yet Monday for me. nonetheless, i think the fact that time flies in general, SUCKS! so, that's my first gripe. not enough time in the day most of the time. my prediction, therefore is that Monday will come and go before i've gotten done what i need to do. my second gripe is that one of the last payments to me came up short. my third gripe is i'm missing some tax documents.


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Lydia said...

Man, do I ever have to see that movie! My husband too, although sometimes he leaves the room when "The Office" is on because it reminds him of the miserable day he just had....Thanks for the clip of this.
Missing tax docs is a definite bummer. I hope you find them.
My gripe this fine Monday is that I cannot figure out how to get white space in between various widgets/gadgets in my sidebar. I downloaded a white space gadget that sat there with a black border around a giant number 3. When I clicked on it to try to tell it the size of NOTHING that I wanted, it kept returning me to the site where I found the damn thing. Grrrrr. Googling "insert white space in sidebar" is of little help. Should this be so difficult? Really?

Fortune Cookies said...

My gripe is that I got up at 630 in the friggin morning thinking "at least I'll be the first commenter on the Monday Gripe post over at Fluxlife"...but NOOOOOOO...looks like Lydia pulled an all nighter! ;)

for reals though, my gripe today is racism, and there's more griping on it over at my place

awakeningmoon said...

lol...i guess mine is that whenever you do this post i never really have a that is my gripe not really having one but typing nonetheless!!! :S

Bird* said...

2 Mondays for me this week. Yesterday was Monday and today is Monday.

Ron Centeno said...

I was so busy this weekend that I was not able to visit a lot blogger friends.

Trying to catch up with posting and visiting.

Have a nice Monday Steve! Mine's manic!

Steve Morozumi said...

excellent gripage. it'll all be over soon. Monday can't last forever!

Rylee's Auntie said...

I didnt have much more than the usual gripes yesterday but I sure have a gripe today! Is it too late??

We all got an email today - Pay cuts AND no more PPL accrual (this is our vacation/sick/holiday time all rolled into one). So essentially, the hospital will be forcing sick employees to come to work and to forego even a day off for a supposedly "paid" holiday, and certainly no actual vacation time... On top of a pay cut and we all better do it with a smile on our face, yes?

yeah, that's my gripe

Steve Morozumi said...

it's never too late to gripe. it doesn't all have to happen on Monday. if you have any gripes throughout the week, please feel free to come back and gripe it up! :D

Eppie said...

good one, thanx for sharing!

Steve Morozumi said...

you're welcome!