HOW TO BE A TWITTER POWER USER and your printer is a brat (humorous cartoon)

Steve Morozumi at fluxlife


Zadi, the girl on the video talks fast, so i transcribed most of the links and key points from the video in case you miss something:

Video Intro.
api - application programming interface

Step 1 - You Gotta Find Peeps To Follow - at twitter local you can search for tweets in your neighborthood. enter your zip code and a search radius- it'll give you a real time list of updates (tweets) near you. recommends new twitter buddies by scanning your followers' friends to see who you're missing

fu family - hit us up- Zadi, stevewoolf, rickrey, sarahatwood, annieisms, Pedal, danielmerlot

Step 2 - Searching and Tracking - uses the "surmised search engine" - real time search results for phrases and keywords happening on twitter.

use twitter's rss feed link button, favorite reader (like or - if you want to persistently track something like your name or other subjects - has it's own custom email delivery service and caches twitter updates beyond their lifespan on twitter.

Step 3 - Stay On Top of What's Buzzing in The Twittershpere looks sort of like digg, it scans the public timeline (on twitter) for tweets with urls, and pushes the most popular links to top of page. instead of ranking urls, it scans every word on twitter and generates a real time list of tags weighted by popularity. - categorizes themes into blog, video, and audio posts.

Step 4 - Desktop Applications

desktop aps - (for pc), and twitterific-> (for mac)

Step 5 - Tweet Your photos

Step 6 - Get Tweets on Your Cell - records your voice, and transcribes tweets via your phone. - for your iphone - a basic service from twitter that works better than their standard sms service.

EPIC FU'S ARTIST OF THE WEEK (twitter's FAIL WHALE artist) - the fail whale symbol has become the universal symbol for fail.

COMMERCIALS - FU1 code gets you a 10% off entire order - also, check for more offers.-THERE ARE NO MORE OFFERS, I CHECKED THE LINK AND IT ONLY GOES TO THE EPIC FU HOMEPAGE.-Steve

andy stanford - clark - master inventor 40 patents. he's with IBM 17 YRS. MQ telemtry technology "tweetjects" "blogject"-objects that blog-did with cattle for diary from cradle to grave.

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Moose said...

Great . . . now how do you make your BLOG popular?

Steve Morozumi said...

i'll let you know when it happens to fluxlife! LOL!

mostly what i've found is have fun with it, and try to post at least 3 x's a week every week no matter what. many bloggers recommend posting everyday no matter what. i found that you get less comments per post that way, so i've levelled off to posting about every other day.

you can do some marketing trix, but if you don't have a well monetized blog, your marketing dollars burn up. course, if you do have some money to burn, try Google AdWords. i did it for awhile. it was fun and i got viewers from all over the world.

overall, it takes time, practice, and having fun with it.

Miss JC said...

Thanks for your tips! I will definitely check out the links..

Steve Morozumi said...

Miss JC - howzit goin'? glad to see you're vacationing and enjoyed a St. Patty's Day parade!

are you on twitter? if so, we should follow each other! if not, sign up when you get a chance! it's fun!

Gretchen Rubin said...

I saw the nice mention of my blog, The Happiness Project, on your blogroll. I so much appreciate you shining a spotlight on my blog! Thanks and best wishes, Gretchen Rubin