Martin Luther King Day

Steve Morozumi for fluxlife

I posted this after the fact. Even so, I felt it was timely not just for MLK day, but also regarding the U.S. wars being waged in the Middle East.

Here's to Dr. Martin Luther King! May we have peace inside and outside our country as well!


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Lydia said...

Yes, peace is the goal. Some say it's not attainable, but I refuse to think that way.

awakeningmoon said...

all you can do is hope better to live in hope than fear!!!

Steve Morozumi said...

i'm thinking my own inner peace is possible. i'm thinking part of that inner peace is demanding that none of my tax dollars go towards new U.S. war campaigns. i wonder how i can make that a reality?

awakeningmoon said...

lol, that reminds me of that movie Stranger than Fiction when she refuses to pay all her IRS (is that right? from England)bill and made a discount for WAR and other policies she disagreed didn't work NOT even in a MOVIE!!!!
But i don't know how strong your Inner Peace is Steve xD

Steve Morozumi said...

i don't know how strong my inner peace is either. but my sense of humor is possibly stronger (hahaha)! you're crackin' me up, about me crackin' myself up (lol)! maybe a little bit of both is good to make things happen. thanks for rockin' by yet again! :)-i've gotta check out that movie.

iamcanadian said...

Such an incredible speaker, his words are truly moving!

peaceresistance said...

Peace is as peace does. When every individual knows how to meditate, then we will have world peace.

intelligence said...