fluxlife Comedy Break - Kid's Beer Stand

a little bit o' poor taste mixed with tons of hilarity! check it out:
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Lydia said...

What a great way to begin the weekend. :) Man, does that kid have a career in comedy ahead of him or what?!

Steve Morozumi said...

glad i could help start your weekend off with some humor! yeah, that kid is pretty good. with the right guidance, he'll go far.

★MakavellianRose 1★ said...

Now this was too funny!!!
Little entrepreneur going a long way... hehe

Nothing like a cold beer on a hot day served by an underage kid...lol

Steve Morozumi said...

yeah who can resist a cold beer on a hot day? the college guys couldn't resist and were ready to whip out their ID's for a kid to boot! lol!

Coachdad said...

Too funny... I have seen him do other skits as well. Good stuff!

Kmac said...

That is hilarious!! LOL! Thanks for the laughs!

AZMike said...

Reminds me of the guy selling toothbrushes, here is a version from internet: There was this poor soul who couldn't hold a job. Every time he managed to land one, he would get fired for some reason or other. He was explaining his misery to a friend, and his friend told him that he thought he could get him a job that was almost impossible to get fired from. He proceeded to tell him about said job. He explained how he responded to an advertisement in a newspaper claiming he could bring home big bills by selling toothbrushes. Needless to say this poor man couldn't afford to turn down this job, so he found the clipping and mailed away for his kit.

Upon arrival, he immediately opened his package and eagerly went door to door trying to sell his toothbrushes, but nobody seemed interested enough to buy any. He went back to his friend's house and asked how many toothbrushes he usually sold. His friend told him 700 to 800/wk. Astonished, he asked what his secret was. His friend told him that a good businessman would never reveal his secrets. He did however tell him that honesty is not always the best policy. This got our friend thinking. He left with his idea, and returned a week later. Upon arrival at his friend's house he couldn't help but to brag how he managed to outsell his friend, three-fold. His friend insisted he tell him how he managed to pull off a feat like that. He said a good businessman would never reveal his secrets, but he felt he never would have gotten the job if it weren't for his friend. He told him that he went to the airport with bags and bags of potato chips and massive quantities of dip, and a big sign that read, "FREE CHIPS AND DIP." People were all to eager to help themselves and tasting it, would reply, "Hey! This dip tastes like shit!"

He would reply, "It is. Want to buy a toothbrush?"

Steve Morozumi said...

Coachdad - yeah that kid is hilarious. i'll have to check out his other skits!

Kmac - you're welcome! glad you got some laughs!

AZMike - thanks for posting the joke! that's a new one on me! over the top gross, but laughable! lol!

jacker said...