World Must Counter Asteroid Threat - BBC NEWS

when fluxlife saw this in the BBC headlines, we didn't believe it. sounds like one of those sci-fi movies with bad acting and a predictable plot. although, i have to admit, i've seen a few of those (not just one - uh, kind of a fan actually - hehe).

then, as i read further, i realized: "these space geeks are serious, holy shiite muslim!" i thought: "we've got an impending asteroid collision here people! this is serious!" as i read further it turns out that the last asteroid landed on earth, not quite a collision. it was a big bad crash for sure, but it's not like i imagined it: with an asteroid big enough to glance off of the earth as it travels through space, thereby taking a piece of the earth with it. no, not like that.

i mean, there's still some concern. they say the next big one could hit in less than 20 years. but, it's not like you have to go hide in a cave right now. even if the next big one hits, there's a good chance it will be in an uninhabited area like the last one. of course, if it turns out that it's heading for your city or town, i've just given you more than ample time to get ready to high tail it out of there should NASA give you a call to evacuate within the next 20 years.

anyway, for you space geeks out there, (or any other interested parties)
here's the link to the article: World 'must tackle space threat'

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nubiz said...


NiteSkyGirl said...

Great write up , as an astronomer who keeps her eyes on near earth objects I keep up with the news about it and have posted this on my ' nite sky news' portion.

this is a great post , a great study !

fluxlife said...

thanks for stopping by NiteSkyGirl! glad you enjoyed the post and found it valuable! the finding is on the significant side of things, to be sure. fluxlife likes your blog back and we put a follow on your signature blog. for fluxlife/NITE SKY NEWS readers: here's the link to the 'nite sky news'. if you're looking, the fluxlife 'nite sky news' listing was 17th from the top.

for great astronomy info. and fun!, check out: NiteSkyGirl's blog !

poeticallytinted said...

Right out of Armageddon, not so? Let's send someone up with a bomb to blow it up. Interesting.

fluxlife said...

hey there poeticallytinted! thanks for your comment. some want to blow it up, some want to gently veer it off course.

i say: "blow it up and film it." then sell the movie rights so i can go see another sci-fi movie with bad acting and a predictable plot. if it turned out to be a good movie, i'd watch that too.

SK said...

Lol Why is it I get all excited when I hear about things like this??? A part of me wants an asteroid to strike, 'cause it would be so interesting. I bet it'd be pretty, too. *SK*

houstonmacbro said...

On a related note, I have been seeing more shooting starts and meteorites lately. I wonder what's really up?

Jose Granados said...

Conectate con este blog para la informacion.....

fluxlife said...

@ SK: well, it is exciting. it's not everyday that an asteroid, much less a giant sized one hits the earth.

thanks again for your comments!

have a superb rest of your weekend!

fluxlife said...

@ houstonmacbro: interesting observation. it does make one wonder what's up with that. maybe there's something to it?

thanks again for your comments!

have a great rest of the weekend!

fluxlife said...

@ Jose Granados: Gracias para su conexio'n con el blog de fluxlife.

i Bienvenidos !

?Mi Espanol es simple, pero quizas esta sufficiente?

i Gracias para su comentario's !

i Tiene un dia fabuloso !

P.S. ?Como es la translacion del artilugio de translacion de Google del blog de fluxlife?