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eye opener/rude awakening of the day:
Israeli Gaza Strike Kills More Than 225
"— the highest one-day toll in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in decades." -NYTimes

double take of the day:
City of Immigrants Fills Jail Cells With Its Own
okay, that's a way too long article. basically, they're pulling people off the streets who have no papers (suspected illegal immigrants) and putting them in jail without due process. the city of Central Falls has a financial incentive from the Federal Gov. to lock as many people up as possible. as a result, there is the appearance that people are just disappearing in this town. saying that this is a very bad situation is quite an understatement. and then of course, there are immigrants jailing immigrants which is the coup de gra'ce.

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FilmAsia said...

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fluxlife said...

thanks for stoppin' by, and thanks for the compliment. i'll be checkin' out your blog today! :D

Lydia said...

The Middle East is such a powder keg...

That disappearing-people town is really a shock. I notice that they are thinking of making one of those detention jails in my home state of Nevada...in the city of Pahrump. uh, no comment there. :)

fluxlife said...

yeah Lydia, the middle east is a battlefield to be sure! sorry to hear they're putting a body snatchers facility in your state. that sucks! :/

Anonymous said...

The world is craaaaazy. And it just gets crazier. With sanity comes grave responsibility.......

fluxlife said...

with sanity comes advil and alka-seltzer. :/