clean coal: today's oxymoron (1)

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i have to admit, during the presidential election campaigns, every time Obama or McCain said: "clean coal", i thought: "wow, how'd they do that?" after awhile i didn't question it anymore. today, i'm thinking: "oxymoron."

i'll tell you what: "the is all over the place!" (at least in my little window of the world). ;) even though they're a bit heavy on saturation marketing for me, today i'll take a look at this coalition and what they're up to.

i've gotta go right now, so i'll continue this conversation later. meanwhile, check out the site. the commercial spot is actually slightly more entertaining on the site vs. t.v. for some reason. ...and at first, the little flying canary after the commercial spot is kinda cool, until it keeps hurting itself by flying into the next 3-D wall of text providing the next fun fact about the myths of clean coal. poor little flash animation canary! :-(

P.S. it's not too late to call in 'gay' or leave work 'gay' in case you forgot.

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Tracy Falbe said...

Even IF burning coal for power could be set up so that the carbon dioxide was sequestered, clean coal would still be an oxymoron when you look at mountain top removal mining in our Appalachian states. Enormous forests (critical to oxygen production) are laid waste, rivers polluted, and ponds of black and toxic coal slurry are left behind. Vast areas of our country are being turned into Mordor and called "cheap" energy. I recommend this link on the subject

fluxlife said...

hey there Tracy!, thanks for your comment. that's some great information on the topic.

the additional devastation of our land, forests, water, and air from mountain top removal for the purpose of coal harvesting is heinous.

thanks for the link as well. i've just started taking a look at the site, looks informative.

have a super duper day/evening!

-steve @ fluxlife

Kylie w Warszawie said...

Yep. What y'all said.

I think I've gotten in over my head here.

poeticallytinted said...

@ Kylie: ditto

but "clean coal" does sound like an oxymoron. Will check out the site maybe then i will become an expert on alternative energy...

fluxlife said...

@ Kylie: thanks again for stoppin' by!
yes, this stuff is a bit heady! oh well, heady it is, then heady it shall be! maybe we can inject some of your famous humor into this?

-steve @ fluxlife

fluxlife said...

@ poeticallytinted: thanks for your comment! glad you're digging into alternative energy. it's important for all of us everywhere on the globe.

i'll be discussing the clean coal oxymoron here at fluxlife for at least another week, so feel free to come on back and comment.

thanks again! have a great day!

-steve @ fluxlife

P.S. i like the way you use "name@:" for referring to a specific commenter! thanks for that! i think i'll use the heck out of it!