antio'quia (an-tee-0-kee-ah) plays a suhweeeet show

made it to antio'quia's nov 22nd 2008 show at Bolly Hood. after fluxlife caught their YouTube video on myspace, i had to check out a live show. back on election night at the 19th & Valencia street party for Obama, i met one of the band members and his girlfriend.

i wrote a small bit about it here:
PARTY! San Francisco! 'Cause OBAMA Said So!!!

find a good introduction to the band here:
just scroll down until you see their bio.

antio'quia's nov 22 show at Bolly Hood was awesome! when i walked in, some pleasantly mind-bending tripadelic music was making me feel comfortably melty. very nice.

soon after that, the band stepped away from the stage area and moved closer to the audience. they changed out their intsruments for various types of drums and other percussion instruments.
i have to say: "i do love me some cow bell!" (damn, i do love that cow bell in this band. it sounds particularly great when they play it)! things definitely got tribal at the show. amazing drum playing, very intense and super duper cool! i love it! you've gotta see this band live if you haven't already! you owe yourself the treat!

the music really moves you, and everyone in the band, and connected to the band are amazing and great people! lots of fun, not to be missed!

their next show is Dec 3rd 2008 at The Red Devil Lounge here in SF. don't miss it!

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