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ja mon. havin' a bit o' fun gettin' deeper into me technorati tags and me technorati account. what can i say about technorati and why every blogger should get it on dey blog if they don't already have it?: technorati is a respected blog aggregate and rating service, well trafficked, and it finds other relevant blogs or blogs of interest which is also very handy and fun. technorati is also fun to surf and interact with as well as being useful. technorati tags also boost your google rankings, which is simply fabulous as well.

what are tags? tags are links based on descriptive words or tag names that someone chooses that are descriptive of the blog/site content. you can describe your blog/site using tags and link them to a service like technorati which aggregates and reviews blogs. the technorati tag itself when clicked will call up all relevant blogs at technorati based on the tag name. after some period of time of being with technorati, your blog will start to show up in the listings when blogs with tag names in common have their tag names or tags clicked on.

get your technorati tags mon if you don't already have 'dem, ja mon. blogs be bumpin' wit dem technorati tags already for sure mon. prob'bly too (if dey didn't already) wit their new simplified dashboards that look like dashboards. so, you might ask: "what's with the bad rasta mon impersonation, in some of my writing here?" uhhh, don't know. although i will say, i am fairly pleased about finally technorati tagging my blog. :)

the one word technorati tag below was generated from the html above :

the two word technorati tag below was generated from slightly different html than above:

for more about technorati tags and pinging technorati, check out:

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