McCain Revealed | Obama Revealed (CNN)

These two programs, one about John McCain, the other about Barack Obama, are two of the fairest pieces of coverage about our presidential candidates out there. We have CNN to thank for the original presentation on cable television. I was fortunate enough to view both segments while it was being broadcast on 9/6/2008...

...By a stroke of luck I found these programs online, as I have been searching for them for some time. Each one is about one hour in length. I hope that these segments are both fairly enjoyable for viewers and also add to our powers of decision making in what appears to be the most important presidential election of our time.

(When you arrive at the site after clicking on one of the links below, click the tiny word "login" at the top right corner of the sign-in window. Enter "blogmember" as your username, and "password" for your password. The program will then start)

Originally on CNN, both programs were contiguous. At this time on, there are two videos as follows :

For McCain Revealed, click here: John McCain

For Obama Revealed, click here: Barack Obama

(Once the video starts, roll-over the video window to reveal the controls for "full screen", "volume", "play", etc.)

fluxlife would like to thank for carrying these videos and making it possible for those of us who missed the broadcast to view them, and to allow those of us who did see CNN's original broadcast to review them. Thank you CNN and, very much!

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iaspire said...

Thanks for the opportunity to check out CNN's program. Very informative. Never heard of, how'd you find out about them?