net neutrality problem- Comcast wants to limit user experience

"The FCC noted Comcast's network management practices were "discriminatory..." and... have significantly impeded Internet users' ability to use applications and access content of their choice."

it looks like Comcast wants to regulate the internet and block various sites from it's internet customers/users.

i recommend boycotting Comcast. they'll try it again, they'll just try harder not to get caught. AT&T via SBC Global has been my internet provider for almost 2 years. they haven't blocked me on anything. i know in the past they wanted to cause problems with net neutrality like Comcast is now, but right now, my user experience is unfettered by AT&T.
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iaspire said...

no company should be able to limit internet content. thanks for the heads up!
(good info.)
(good, but less clear cut)

Cory Krug said...

As much as I'd love to boycott Comcast, it's not so easy when your TV package is bundled with your internet service. I'd rather see Comcast do the right thing and run a fair business that people love. It's important to make people feel cool/awesome/good about using your product or service. :-)

fluxlife said...

you're a wise man. yes, let's ensure that Comcast keeps unfettered wide open pipes to the internet.

great comment, and thanks much! :)

great kathy sierra-ism at the end of your comment too! who doesn't love that genius of a woman?