remnants of ike

i have never heard of a hurricane striking in and through the interior of our nation to the extent that ike has. the u.s. hurricane paths typically ride the coastline, and occasionally move inland a state or two after point of entry/first landfall. but, to ride 9 american states, and then continue into and through another continent? no way!

below is the best image i've found depicting the pathway of hurricane ike moving through the u.s. interior, canada and beyond! the model is not completely accurate, but again: best i have found to date. i have never seen a hurricane travel on land this extensively! 2 continents! karazay! what gives? what's going on? this is very atypical behavior for a hurricane in america. but really, what gives here?! did somebody leave the wind switch on in alaska and forget to turn it off (HAARP) ?

image source and enlargement:
>(roll over link above to see texas included)

good article for further reading on ike in the midwest: msnbc

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