a finger pointing at the moon

in zen we say: "a finger pointing at the moon." the finger is not the end, it is an indicator of a direction to pursue. the moon itself is not the end, but it suggests metaphorically, thoughts and teachings to be explored. the finger represents buddha, and the moon represents the teachings of buddha. to become attached to either one is not the point. yet, if you allow the pointer to set you in a direction of exploration and discovery about the goodness of the authentic self and how that self relates or fits in with it's environment and other beings within the present moment (hopefully centered in your breath, the center of all practice/life), and you do that exploration and discovery, then that is good. one last thought before exiting this ponderous paragraph: many times in zen books, and from my zen instructors, i have heard this: "do not take my word for it, go examine it for yourself."

let's just assume i desire to have a unifying theme for this blog across many subjects. what could that unifying theme be? if you look at the name of the blog "fluxlife", one might suggest that the unifying theme is the change, growth, and transformation of a thing, process, or a life. another suggestion for a unifying theme just popped up in my head: what if it was the previous suggestion plus the philoshophical viewpoint of the change, growth, and transformation of a thing, process, or a life? this blog gives space to open minded proposal and inquiry into life. further, that there are no limits or judgments. we can encourage even the craziest, most seemingly impossible dreams here. what if we want to write about how to actually implement these dreams? then we go over to my other blog. that other blog, the factory of implementing amazing ideas is called: "transmute" (coming soon).

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